Nadaillac de Rouge



 Cycling East along Dordogne Towards Rocamadour

An Interesting Route not on any Cycle Maps

We headed east towards Rocamadour from Roque Gageac, first along the Dordogne to Carsac where we were enticed to ride a paved abandoned rail bed.  This trail headed due south and finally petered out in the middle of a patchwork of strawberry fields and vegatable patches - divided by a myriad of bike path sized roads.  We checked where we were on the GPS, then headed east across the gently undulating terrain.  This is not an area that we would normally have gone, but in retrospect it was a wonderful cycle.


At the end of the day we ended up cycling up into the forest looking for a Logis de France in Nadaillac de Rouge which the guidebooks assured us existed ahead.  After much pedalling up a hill and through a forest thick enough to log (a rarity in France) we came across a town that time forgot in the middle of nowhere. 


It may be just the relief that we found the town, or the fact that the hotel was picturesque enough to attract "sketching tours", but we stayed two days here to rest and take in the wonderful views from the pool or many viewpoints of the Dordogne from the walking trails in the area. 


When talking to people at breakfast, we realized that most guests were like ourselves, people that had come across the place quite by accident, but now return whenever they are in the area.





 A Great View of the Dordogne Valley

 Medieval Cow Scale

 Map - Cycling Dordogne Valley